Trent thumbs up for Curtis Jones outstanding form.

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Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has heaped praise on team-mate Curtis Jones after scoring two more goals in a win over Leicester City 3-0.

Curtis Jones scored his first two goals before Trent’s free-kick ended as Liverpool beat Leicester City 3-0. Setting a seven-game winning streak in the league and closing the top four down to one point.

England right-back said “It’s not just tonight. But since his return to the team. He is someone who wants to play more. And seized the opportunity when it was given.”

“He really impressed everyone. And He created a standard for himself. And we want to keep that for the whole team. Tonight was an outstanding night for him.”UFABET

“We are lucky to have players who can score goals. He is a midfielder who can score goals. And in the system we have we need him. Curtis can get inside the box and finish it off. 

“He has faith in himself and he will learn through experience when to play and not to play. Self-confidence was not his weakness. And that’s why he is who he is today.

“People say our team is an under-23 team, but it’s not. We’re an under-19 or under-20 team.