Smith accepted Liverpool over Leicester City.

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Leicester City manager Dean Smith admits Liverpool are the dominant side and deserved to beat their team. Leicester were struggling to stay in the Premier League next season. After they were beaten 3-0 by Liverpool in the Premier League last Monday making it rank 19th in the table as before

Smith said in an interview after the game that “I think we started very well. We play in their territory. But unfortunately their first goal was a high throw and scored.

“Liverpool is a talented team with players who are top-notch athletes. The superior team wins. We conceded a goal in disappointment. UFABET The third goal came from a free kick which was very disappointing. 

“We played against a very good team who deserved to win. We lost against a superior team. It’s a difficult time. Which should encourage the players rather than meeting Liverpool, giving us a difficult task. But we have to keep believing in ourselves.”

While Leicester City are still in a comatose relegation from 19th place, two points clear of safety. Where their program for the next two games is a trip to New Castle. And open house against West Ham in the last game. Seeing this, I can tell that it’s difficult to survive!.