Mascherano has hailed the Man Utd star 

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Mascherano has hailed the Man Utd star to become a key player in the Ten Hag era.

Argentine legend Javier Mascherano has hailed Manchester United striker Alejandro Carnacho as having a big future ahead of him. The awakening of manager Erik ten Hag

“Alejandro Carnacho is an amazing footballer. Even though he was still the youngest, because if it was only talent. At a high level and ready to develop endlessly,” the former Swans’ favorite, told UFABET.

“The fact that he was a trainee in the Atletico Madrid academy and then moved on to Manchester United shows that youngsters have things for sure. And the more you look at the 2 games that played for the Red Devils first team last season The more I saw, the more I saw something that this kid was definitely going the extra mile.”

“The important thing is The club where he is playing now has a manager and staff who are ready to support pushing young players to the top of the football industry. We can see that there are a lot of senior players, most of whom have achieved almost all of them.”

“So there is no doubt that Carnacho will be given the opportunity to follow in that footsteps, but where will he end up stopping? That is up to you. Which I am sure it will be a beautiful future for sure.”