Madrid president sends message to PSG & Liverpool 

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Madrid president sends message to PSG & Liverpool after slashing face for Chouameni

Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, Spanish La Liga Send a message to Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool. After winning the signing of Monaco striker Aurelion Joameni a few days ago.

“Of course, the signing of Aurelian Chouameni is a significant achievement for Real Madrid this summer. Because as you know. He has attract by other big teams as well,” president Perez told UFABET.

“As far as I know It seems that many people are trying to persuade Chouameni to move to Paris Saint-Germain. One of them was Kylian Mbappe, but that’s a common occurrence in football.”

“It’s normal for PSG & Liverpool to try their best to buy Joshuameni with my team all the time in the transfer market. The more a top player The competition was even higher. Therefore, this is still considered less. because we only have 3 teams.”

“But I don’t care how intensely the three of us fought during negotiations with Monaco and Shuameni’s agent, but in the end the only team he chose was Real Madrid.”

Manchester City have placed Monaco midfielder Aurelian Chuameni as their No. this season

For Manchester City are still looking for a defensive midfielder as an heir to ex-Brazilian star Fernandinho. Who is currently up to 36 years old and became a substitute after Rodri Hernandez, but the team has no other players who can play this role naturally again.