Carragher sends message to Mane

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Carragher sends message to Mane after confirming transfer from Liverpool to Bayern

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has sent a farewell message to Sadio Mane. Who has confirm he is moving to Bayern Munich in the next few hours. Report from UFABET

“Mane has come in as a very important part of Liverpool with little to no time to adjust. and perform at the highest level all the time The important thing is that he has never been injured for so long. That we have upset even once.”

“Also, he is always working harder than anyone else. He scores a lot of goals for the team. led us to win more championships than expected. This is a true Liverpool legend, thank you very much Sadio Mane,” Carra said on Twitter.

In addition, the former defender who owns the nickname Mr Liverpool He also predicted the future of Mane last week, and revealed the names of 3 coordinated modern offensive lines. Who will be the real ones?

“Liverpool’s front three have been playing together for many years. So I think it’s almost time to find new people to add freshness. You can seriously make a difference. Even if it’s sad, the party will eventually end.”