Why does a lot of “hair fall out” while I shower and wash my hair?

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Why does a lot of “hair fall out” while I shower and wash my hair?

Have you ever noticed it? When we shower and wash our hair, we tend to have a lot of hair fall out. Compared to combing hair or falling out during the day Some people may experience alarming amounts of hair loss. and not sure whether you should consult a doctor or not? https://ufabet999.com has information for you.

Understanding the “life cycle” of hair

According to research on hair in 2008, it was found that human hair has a growth rate of 0.35 mm/day and approximately 100 strands will fall out every day, which is considered a normal hair cycle. My life cycle can be divided into 3 periods.

  • Anagen  – The phase of hair growth that accounts for 85-90 percent of the entire cycle. Most of them take about 2-6 years. The hair growth period will be shortened.
  • Catagen  – The stage in which hair grows more slowly and gradually. Growth stops using approximately 2-3 weeks, which is 10 percent of the total cycle.
  • Telogen  – The stage when hair follicle cells are dead. and waiting to fall off At the same time, there will be new hair that is entering the growth stage. Before pushing the dead hair to fall out This period will last no more than 3 months, accounting for 5-10 percent of the life cycle.

Hair loss occurs in the “telogen” cycle. Therefore, if hair loss is unbalanced, And I have entered this phase more and more. There will be more hair loss.

Other factors that cause a lot of hair loss when washing your hair

Before losing confidence to the point of having to count the hair that was falling in the bathroom to see if there was an abnormal amount or not. Let’s look at these factors. Because if it falls into the following categories It is considered normal.

  • A person with thick hair  – If someone has thick hair or thick hair. It may be found that more than 100 strands of hair are falling, which is considered normal. This is because people with thick hair already have more hair overall than others. The chance of hair falling out is therefore increased as well.
  • When was the last time you washed your hair? – When we wash our hair with shampoo and that hair conditioner The scalp will be stimulated. Causes the hair in the telogen phase to be stimulated as well. and ready to fall out This usually occurs 2-3 days after washing your hair, so you may experience a greater amount of hair loss.
  • When was the last time you combed your hair?  – In the case of combing hair, the principles are similar to washing hair. Because of the contact of the brush with the scalp It is equivalent to stimulating the scalp as well. So you will notice that the amount of hair that is falling out. Or there will be a lot of hair stuck to the hair brush. 

Stress can cause hair loss!

Allowing yourself to be stressed is another cause of hair loss. According to research in 2017, it was found that “stress” will stimulate our hair to enter the telogen phase more. Therefore it was found that more hair was falling out. Because I am at a stage where the hair follicle cells have already died.

Whether it is stress that occurs to the body such as illness, weight loss, or stress that affects emotions and feelings. They are all linked to the amount of hair that can be lost.

So, how to help reduce hair loss? It is to protect yourself from stress. You may find the cause of stress. In order to solve the problem directly, health care should also done together. including getting enough sleep, exercising, meditating, as well as eating foods rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin D, iron, zinc, selenium to help improve hair health.